Thursday, August 28, 2008

My friend Jen asks

My friend Jen asks in a blog post "What are you looking forward to seeing?" and I have to tell you that there is not much in the theaters right now that makes me want to go see it there and not on dvd or blu-ray in a couple of months.But I am glad she got a blog up and running online now she makes me jealous because she has her own blog and I am using this free blogging service.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Before I scoot let me tell you about them

Oh yea before I head out I wanted to give props to my 2 friends that took the plunge and started up websites in order to get there business more exsposure and since I have used both of them for there works and was very happy with the end results I wanted everyone of my readers to know about them and what they do.

The first is Aaron who recently started his tile business and the second is Eric who recently started his own massage business both are great people that do excellent work so if you are in the need for either type of work than click over and contact them!!

Getting my groove on BIG time

Yes for the last couple of weekends I have been heading down town with friends and dancing till my feet and legs can not take it no more. This is why i have not been able to blog here much because this was going to be my weekend hobby for awhile but now I have turne dto dancing to my blog postings will be far and in between for a bit until i get tired of it but for now it is a great way to exercise and also have a fun time.

If you should really need me you can always email me because I am always checking that every couple of days so do not worry it is not like I am going to vanish or someting.