Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rest in peace George

Was said to here the George Carlin died the other day, it seems like only yesterday i was hearing rant off the top 10 things you can not say on television. I sure am glad for his presence here on this planet especially when times were very different here in America.

I hope he has found his heaven and is very happy there. I am sure he will be missed by all those who knew of him and will be remembered as one of the greatest stand up comedians to ever walk the stage.

Love to draw and doodle

I have always loved to draw or doodle ass a child and today as a grand mother of 2 I love to paint different pictures of my loved ones and the things they love. I recently was able to paint both my grand children together watching the tube and it was amazing to see there facial expressions when different things came across it.

Being able to read ones emotion is something I am gifted with as a grand mother i guess but when the kids are so happy to see things I am very happy as well. I always say teach children with the tools of today and watching them learn from the television instead of just wasting away behind makes me very happy indeed.

Have not been to one in years

I can not remember the last time i visited eh local library it has to be at least a decade since I have been there to read anything or even visit. With so much information online i can usually find what I am looking for with out ever having to drive down to the library and look around in the different sections.

When is the last time you have been to the library? And with so many books online why would you ever go back11

Stopped all my bad ones

Since I was 30 i stopped all my bad habits and today I am 60 years old and very healthy and happy although i do worry about all the smoking i used to so as a young adult when ever i get a check up but other than that i have been happy and healthy my whole life.

I am not sure what changed me to drop all my bad habits back in the day but I sure am glad that I did today and you will to in the future to come if you stop all your today.

Growing my own vegetables now

Starting to grow my own vegetables now since everything has gone way up at the stores in price. i find that when i grow my own veggies that they taste better and are bigger and healthier than the ones i buy at the stores anyway.

one thing I also found is that if you grow hydroponically then you will also get food that not only tastes better in my opinion but also veggies that are twice the size. if you ever get a chance to grow your own food i would start in soil thought because if you mess up the other way then you could kil off everything in a day or two.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So here I am

Well I am here at blogger now blogging away you should not be to surprised this is one of the best free blogging services in the World. If you do not have a blog then you should sign up a blog here and try it out sometime.