Saturday, September 27, 2008

A choice between the lesser of two mouth pains!

Would you rather get all your teeth pulled out and wear denture or have dental implants put in your mouth? This was a question asked of me by my mom the other day because it was asked of her her by her Dentist. I had no idea what dental implants were so i had to look it up and then I found out it is a lot like having a organ transplant done.

I am not sure which she should get and kind of upset that it has come to this but when life hits you with stuff you can roll with the punches or act like it is not happening which is not something I ever do.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why bail them out when they should be posting bail!

Kind of interestedd in knowing why the tax payer is paying premium price for bad debt from these companies that gave out bad loans. Should we not be getting the best price for our hard earned dollar? Why are people not being arrested by the dozens already? When you do bad things that nearly collapse a Nation you should not be given more money!

I am interested in what every other American thinks about this bail out plan that is going to take like a trillion dollars to do and not be spent on our children or green technology or rebuilding America or education or anything but rather to pay off a bad debt. So hit me up America with your thoughts and ideas on this very important issue!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Make sure to get them cleaned

One thing I always tell people is to make sure to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis this will prevent a lot of pain down the road for anyone who does get them cleaned. I always go get my teeth cleaned every 6 months because there is stuff that flossing and regular brushing can not remove off the teeth.

So this is my little reminder to everyone out there to go and get your teeth cleaned because healthy people are happy people!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make money blogging

When I first heard about this idea of making money blogging I was like there is no way to make any good money blogging about stuff then my friend showed me her account that she uses to make money with one of her blogs and I can tell you that yes you can make a lot of money blogging.

Of course her blog gets a lot of visitors and she sells ad space based on the amount of traffic she gets to her blog each month from this service called blogtising. I am thinking about getting into writing a lot more in hopes that I can bring in a extra hundred dollars each month from services like that to help with the bills around here.